• Viernes, 5 Julio, 2013
  • As a part of the program of Continuous Education by the University of Machala, coordinated by the Academic Deputy Headmaster, Ms. Amarilis Borja Herrera, on Tuesday July 4th at the Conference Hall they held the training to the teachers of the Faculty of Social Sciences, on "System for the Control of Academic Contents (SYLLABUS)" taught by Guillermo Grounaguer graduate from the school of Computer Science under the coordination of the Systems Department of UTMACH.

    Since June 19th, this training seminar has been developed, it has already been given to teachers in the schools of Agricultural Sciences, and Chemical Sciences and Health which aims to teachers may record information from standardized syllabus, according to the daily schedule of activities, where the teacher may specify every day the total or partial compliance of the lessons taught.

    This Academic Control System shall allow the authorities and academic coordinators and the student sector by entering a password to SIUMACH, then, access and verify if the teachers meet totally or partially with the established schedule of academic activities. Teachers may also use this method for daily student attendance.

    Teachers in training workshop


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